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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Planetary Dignities, Exaltations And Falls

Planetary Dignities, Exaltations And Falls 


A planet is dignified when it is posited (located) in the sign it rules naturally.  For instance when we find Mercury in Gemini we know that Mercury is dignified and hence it possesses more inherent power. A planet is in its detriment when it is posited in the sign exactly opposite to the one which it rules. It forfeits some of its power because its nature is not in harmony with the nature of the opposite sign. This fact of dignification and detriment of a planet when it is in the sign it rules is the final conclusion of the thousands of observations recorded through the years by Astrologers. This same explanation is true for exaltations and falls as described below. There is one particular sign for each planet, aside from the one it normally rules, in which it expresses its nature very harmoniously. This is the sign of its exaltation. Planets posited in the signs opposite their exaltations are in their fall and they cannot express their true nature.


Exaltations And Falls -Explanation


  • Sun exalted in Aries - the qualities of the Sun and of Aries are compatible hence the Sun can very effectively express itself when in Aries. The Sun is the giver of life and motive power and the source of energy whereas Aries is active and quick.
  • Sun in Fall in Libra - Libra is extremely melancholy, never rushing, and possesses the ideal of poise. When the Sun would wish to rush forth, the very nature of Libra is to hold back and consider. We can see why the Sun is in constant limitation in Libra and why it is in its fall here.
  • Moon exalted in Taurus - the Moon rules fecundity and growth whereas Taurus is the sign of supply. In Taurus the Moon has an additional helper. Taurus is like a storehouse of beneficial goods for the Moon.
  • Moon in Fall in Scorpio - Scorpio signified change, destruction, and death and is in direct contrast to the dreamy watery Moon, the planet of growth. It is obvious then why the Moon is in its fall in Scorpio.
  • Mercury Exalted in Aquarius - the planet Mercury can best express its ability for thought and action when combined with the love and determination of Aquarius. Mercury lends finesse and exactness to the creative thought and action of Aquarius.
  • Mercury in Fall in Leo - When in Leo Mercury is operating in a sign which does not understand the practical intellect nor does it deal with concrete thought.
  • Venus Exalted in Pisces - Venus is the principle of attraction, coordination and harmony. Pisces is the sign of poetry. When Venus is in Pisces it confers rhythm so that poetry can emulate music. Visions of sheer beauty are captured and revealed.
  • Venus in Fall in Virgo - Virgo is the seeker of exactness in form and sometimes tends to overlook the soul of the beauty Venus portrays. For this reason Venus is in its fall here.
  • Mars Exalted in Capricorn - Mars affords creative energy, while Capricorn has the patience to organize and construct material things with this energy.
  • Mars in Fall in Cancer - the fire and enthusiasm of Mars are not welcome to watery Cancer which likes to dream and grow as it wishes.
  • Jupiter Exalted in Cancer - Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, hence it combines favorably with Cancer which is desirous of growth and increase.
  • Jupiter in Fall in Capricorn - The cautiousness and limiting nature of this sign hinders the expansive nature of Jupiter.
  • Saturn Exalted in Libra - the principles governing Saturn signal the scientific mind weighing and studying every statement. Libra, the sign of balance, makes a perfect home for Saturn.
  • Saturn in Fall in Aries - the patient Saturn has very little in common with the impetuous Arian.
  • Uranus Exalted in Scorpio - Uranus bestows the powers of insight and clarity and is at ease in the powerful sign Scorpio which is essentially that of new changes of consciousness and the ability to penetrate the secret of nature.
  • Uranus in Fall in Taurus - Uranus is much too disturbing for the placid Taurian who wants everything to stay where it is put.
  • Neptune Exalted in Cancer - Neptune exerts influence in the illusion of love and the delusion of power. In Cancer, Neptune finds it's most comfortable home of love.
  • Neptune in Fall in Capricorn - Neptune is very much out of place in Capricorn because Capricorn is not interested in what is cloudy or indefinite.
  • Pluto Exalted in Aries - Both Aries and Pluto love change and all that is new.
  • Pluto in Fall in Libra - the sign of the balance, seeks neither change nor anything new.

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