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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Significance Of Sign-Pisces

Significance Of Sign-Pisces

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac, its symbol is known as the fishes. It takes the form of two fishes swimming in opposite directions. The fish are sometimes shown with their tails tied together. The symbol is the shape of two crescents joined in the middle by a bar. It implies the double nature in man, the physical and spiritual, the spiritual being the most active in natives of Pisces. Some of our most renowned psychics and researchers in occultism were born under this sign; Eileen J. Garrett, Edgar Cayce, John Boone Romises and Manly Palmer Hall, just to mention a few. The Pisces native is spiritually inclined and constantly striving to solve the problems of mankind and initiate improvements wherever feasible. Pisces is frequently referred to as the Red Cross of the Zodiac, it is the sign of the refugee whether in hospitals, asylums, or other places of human distress. The sun usually enters this sign on February 20.

In popular mythology the fishes legend, one swimming upstream and one swimming downstream, involves the goddess Venus and her son Cupid. These were the deities who glamorized love, beauty and pleasure. Upon completion of one of their delightful yet faitguing tasks, the fascinating mother and her charming son were taking a well deserved siesta on the banks of the Euphrates River. Suddenly the monstrous typhon burst from the shining sea and confronted them on the shore. Horrified Venus and Cupid dove into the river in a frantic effort to escape the appalling creature. Instantaneously their bodies were transformed into fishes, so that they might take refuge among the reeds. Venus, fearing the loss of her son, fastened herself to him with a piece of twine. (This accounts for the fact that the fishes are sometimes shown bound together.) The great goddess Minerva was so astounded by this act of courage that she created a special place in the firmament, studded it with stars in the form of fishes one swimming against and the other with the current, this great memorial has been a celestial record ever since in the water sign Pisces. That these zodiacal incarnations were of great significance among the ancients is attested by the fact that the Greeks and Romans regard all fish as sacred. The planet Venus still shines in unequaled splendor in the sky, and the two fishes still adorn the sign Pisces. Pisces is of the water element, mutable in quality and serving in trinity. Some of the keywords for Pisces are appreciation, peace and sympathy. This sign is feminine and open minded, quiet, dormant and passive. Some of Pisces favorable qualities are: helpful, just, kind, intuitive and modest. Some unfavorable are: misunderstood, worrying, stubborn and too affectionate. Pisces are meditative, psychic and reliable.

As previously mentioned Pisces is the most mystical and occult sign of all. The Pisces native is compassionate almost to a fault, he cannot bear to watch others suffer. Pisces is kind and sympathetic to animals, children and generally anybody in distress. He can tolerate much adversity in his life and he tends to suffer inwardly. He is usually modest, possibly timid and lacking in self-confidence but he has a certain faith in the unknown. He has a great desire, to care for the sick and the needy, and to overcome the illusion of religious and social barriers of conformity and to share the feelings of others. Being born under such a sensitive water sign he has a weakness for alcohol and a love for the sea. Pisces is the most unworldly of all the twelve signs. He has a creative imagination and he is intuitive, impressionable and receptive to what goes on around him. He is intensely emotional and submissive, just as likely to delude himself about reality as to be fooled by the unscrupulous. He has a tendency to become despondent or over-emotional. This can create a detrimental negativism and a lack of that vital spark of life and energy. Pisces should try to cultivate a more positive attitude and be less subjective and emotional. Chances are he may be too gullible, temperamental and indecisive for his own good. He is uncertain and changeable and perhaps too reserved or secretive.

In business the great obstacle to the Pisces success is his indecision. If he can control this and refrain from being overemotional he can expect success in affairs parallel to his birth sign in the interests of the house in which the sun finds itself in his horoscope. In business, fraternal and marital relationships he gets along well with those born under his own sign or one that is opposite, trine to it or sextile; Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, or Capricorn. Research has demonstrated the Sun-Moon relationship to be excellent for marriage. Decanate division shows that if born in the first ten degrees (decan) he has the full influence of Pisces and is very apt to be psychic and impressionable, and a great truth seeker with a distinctive flair for psychic rather than exact sciences. If born in the second decanate proneness to living a life hemmed in by restraint and restrictions, self-sacrifice, often voluntarily assumed as the price demanded by the world for the sake of assisting in its progress. Pisces gets the most out of life through alleviating the distress of others. Born in the third decan life will be hampered by vicissitudes and temptations of the flesh. The native may lead an eventful life with a wide choice of careers and reach the highest level of expression through psychic research. The dignities of Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces, are that it governs Pisces and is exalted in Cancer. The debilities of Neptune are that it is in its detriment when in Virgo and in its fall when in Capricorn. In mundane astrology Pisces rules hospitals, prisons, asylums and other places of confinement and everything pertaining to them.

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