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Monday, July 18, 2011

Significance Of Sign-Libra

Significance Of Sign-Libra  


Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, its symbol is known as the scales or the balance. It is the sign of friendliness and cooperation, it tends toward law and justice and is excellent for marriage and partnership. The Sun usually ingresses Libra on or about September 23rd.

In ancient Egypt, Astrologers held that the Constellation Libra represented a pair of scales; however, it was not until the time of Ptolemy that the Greeks and the Romans assented to this relationship. Up to then, they regarded this part of the celestial belt as an extended zone of the Constellation Virgo in which they saw Astraea, whom they regarded as their goddess of justice. This famous deity sat blindfolded with a shiny sword in one hand and a pair of scales in the other. Once formal recognition was accorded to the sign Libra by the Greeks and Romans, the symbol of "blind justice" was assigned to it. In explaining this zodiacal change, it is claimed that during the Golden Age mankind knew neither good or evil. After the "fall" of humanity from the state of innocence, mankind was granted the power of free will and self-government. The Sign Libra represents this selfhood and will power. Instead of being judged only by the gods, human beings agreed to accept the verdict of mortal judges. It is noteworthy to mention here that the word "liberty" is taken from the word Libra. Arbitrations and affiliations are ruled by the Sign Libra and it is significant that the emblem of "blind justice" has been adopted almost everywhere as being indicative of the compassion and justice meted out by those who are entrusted to grant or withhold freedom, according to the tenets of the law. Elaborate renderings of this sign in every media are found in attorneys offices all over the world.

Libra is of the Air element with a cardinal quality and reproductive trinity. Some keywords are intuition, justice and equilibrium. Please review all the characteristics of Libra on your chart in Lesson III before proceeding. In nature, this sign is masculine or positive, it is active and expressionable with a definite trait of dominance. Some of the favorable attributes of a Libra are: intuitive, refined, modest and affectionate. Some of the negative attributes are: worrisome and too demonstrative. A Libran is very social and enjoys civic and religious affairs. Libra has wonderful manners, they are well groomed and tactful. Librans hate unpleasantness so that even when strangers are the target of unjust complaints Librans are quick to say something placating to restore peace. You might say that they balance the scales. Ruled by Venus, Librans want harmony at any price. Libra personalities will provoke a quarrel, but are dismayed when rage is aroused. They rarely realize that they may have brought it about. For this reason they can honestly defend their employers. They cannot understand why their superiors should not be allowed the right to err. In employment they find basic success in affairs parallel to those of their birth sign, or to the interests of the house in which the Sun finds itself in their horoscope. In alliances, such as business, fraternal and marriage, they are compatible with those born under the same sign, or one that is trine to it, opposite or sextile; for example, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Leo. Libra can be the ambassador of good will for the policy of the company, sit in on the board meeting and re-interpret for the boss when the latter offends executives from his own or other companies. Their suave manner, good clothes and quiet voice, tones down all the anxiety caused by flustering Aries; the overbearing attitude of the Leo President; the overbiding of money wise Taurus; and the support given by the talkative advertising man. Libra calms them all down with assurance.

Research has proven that the Sun-Moon relationship is most successful in Marriage. Decanate division shows that those born when the Sun was in the first ten degrees of Libra have the quality of wisdom and good policy, subtlety in public relations and adventurous in human relations. Those in the second decan have a great deal of independence, strong individuality and are great exponents of liberty in thought and action. Those in the third decan a definite superiority in arts and letters, sometimes the mind is used to dominate or even enslave others which could end in serious trouble. The dignities of Venus, planetary ruler of Libra, are that it governs Taurus and Libra and is exalted in Pisces. Its debilities are that it is in its detriment when in Scorpio or Aries and in its fall when in Virgo. In mundane astrology, Libra rules the legal profession, all conciliatory offices and relations with foreign countries including the prospects of war. It also involves all councils on human relations seeking justice.

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